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Everything you need to know about premium rate numbers

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Everything you need to know about premium rate numbers

A large chunk of money in telecom industry comes directly or indirectly from the premium rate numbers. But what are they exactly?

These numbers charge a higher rate than usual because of their high quality, connectivity and premium services provided through them.

Premium rate numbers can be classified into 2 groups:

With these numbers a carrier can earn a lot more than the usual numbers. Also, they are enabled with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) & Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which helps provide these services in a smoother way. These services are:

  • Banking Payments
  • Registrations
  • Ringtones
  • Flight Booking
  • Orders
  • Transfers
  • Meter Readings
  • Live Radio
  • Weather Forecast
  • Traffic Updates
  • Live Games
  • Virtual & Live Chat
  • Live Quiz
  • Horoscope

With the International premium rate number these services can be provided on a global level uninterruptedly.

These numbers help grow a business internationally through telephonic medium where the reachability of the internet is still rare.

The competition in the market increases day after day regarding premium rate numbers, as a lot of new carriers pitch in each year. Global Audio Text Solutions (GATS) has been serving global premium rate numbers for more than a decade.

We encourage new ventures to work with us, an established and experienced company with direct contacts to Tier-1 carriers. Our premium rate numbers provides service to more than 190 destinations with excellent quality and the most aggressive rates in the market.

Instead of venturing alone in the unknown, join hands with GATS and work with the professionals. Just register on our website for free, start traffic on destinations and get your payout.

For more information regarding our services and premium rate numbers, please contact our officials who are happy to support you 24/7.

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